Calendula Seed Double Radio Flower Orange

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Calendula Seed Double Radio Flower Orange

Grow vibrant, double-bloomed orange flowers with our high-quality Calendula seeds. Ideal for garden beds, borders, and containers. These easy-to-grow, hardy annuals add a splash of color and attract pollinators. Perfect for creating stunning floral displays.

پاکستان میں ان بیجوں کو ابتدائی خزاں (ستمبر-اکتوبر) یا ابتدائی بہار (فروری-مارچ) میں بوئیں۔ کمپوسٹ سے بھرپور زرخیز مٹی استعمال کریں۔ بیجوں کو 1/4 انچ گہرائی میں اور 6-8 انچ کے فاصلے پر بوئیں۔ روزانہ 4-6 گھنٹے دھوپ اور نمی برقرار رکھیں

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Calendula Seed Double Radio Flower Orange

Plant these seeds in early autumn (September-October) or early spring (February-March) in Pakistan. Use well-draining, fertile soil enriched with compost. Sow seeds 1/4 inch deep and 6-8 inches apart. Ensure 4-6 hours of sunlight daily, and keep the soil consistently moist. Apply a balanced fertilizer at planting time. Thin seedlings to ensure good air circulation. Deadhead spent flowers for continuous blooming. Each flower is 2-3 inches in diameter, and plants grow 18-24 inches tall. Flowers bloom from early winter to early spring. Harvest fully open flowers in the morning. Calendulas repel pests and attract beneficial insects, making them great companions for vegetables.

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